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The humanities teach us to question the world around us in order to better understand our place within it. In the humanities, we seek to understand the nuances of cultural issues, to interpret human experience, and to appreciate the power of words and ideas. By studying humanities, we broaden our historical, ethical, social and international perspectives while enhancing ourselves intellectually and creatively.

Humanities Radio Latest Episode

Jewish Writers of the Holocaust with Maeera Schreiber

Season 4, Episode 10 - Jewish Writers of the Holocaust with Maeera Schreiber

In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Maeera Shreiber, associate professor of English and chair of the Jewish Studies Initiative, discusses some of the lesser known Jewish writers who survived the Holocaust, such as Art Speigelman, Ida Fink and Ruth Kluger.
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Now, more than ever, we need the humanities.
Now, more than ever, the humanities need you.


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